Photography of Legal Documents - Company Message
Let Us Be Your Team In The Field!
courthouse research - anywhereAre you tired of being away from home when researching courthouse records? Send Courthouse Imaging instead. We will go to any courthouse, anywhere and get the legal documents for you! Let us offer you our full-service, in the field landman research assistance. 
Our specialty is getting pictures of the county courthouse documents you need for your title research. We can obtain pictures of the courthouse documents from patent to present day. We provide copies of all courthouse indexes and a digital copy of all the documents you require.
Also we can always assist with your curative research. Our team is trained to search for probates, CODs, through index books, etc for people, addresses, SSNs and more. Let us help you by getting the information you need to meet your title requirements.
We take clean, accurate digital images of all the courthouse documents you’ll need. Quickly and confidentially! So you can work from home. You’ll be amazed at the quick and professional services provided by Courthouse Imaging.
We offer:
  • Efficient and precise document retrieval
  • 15+ years of oil & gas imaging experience 
  • Assistance with projects from any location
  • A team of knowledgeable and highly-discreet imagers
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